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Child of Eternity -- My Fanfiction Archives

Welcome to the hell you have brought yourself to, where what is left of your sanity shall be stripped from you....

9/4  Wheee!!! I'm working hard ^^ I've got more of "Sun Shining..." and "Light One" of EPE ^^ I'm typing away, yup yup!! Expect Act I of "O Romeo, Romeo..." sometime soon ^^ Baibai!!

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Hi! Eiko here, webmistress of this site. I'm sorry I have nothing really up yet, but I'm working on it ^^;;  
When I do get everything up, I hope you have no problems on your way through the Hall with anything (ahem! Tripod, you listening??) and I hope that you like my works, 'cuz I'm still kind of a newbie at this. ^^;;
At the moment, info about each fic is under "The Book," drawings I have done are under "The Pen and Paper," the fanfictions are located under "The Quill," awards and gifts I've recieved and to give can be found under "The Ribbon," many wonderful BSSM and fic sites are in "The Wanderer," and info about me and how to contact me are in "Star's Light." Please don't take any of my stuff  without my permission, please. Thanks, and have fun! *^_^*